A creative challenge for the young people of Wivenhoe!

Off the Rails has just taken delivery of LOTS of rainbow coloured paper – both A2 (really big) and A3 not quite so big!) size! That’s because we want to create a new exhibition on Platform 2, so that the key workers and others having to use the trains right now have something bright and cheery to look at while they are waiting for their train.So we have a little call out for any budding artists out there who’d like to help us brighten their days with some art!

The brief is simple….We’d like you to draw, paint or collage a picture that either…

*Says a big thank you to our keyworkers…

*Is a picture of hope for the future…

*Or does both those things!

We’d also love you to hide a rainbow in your picture somewhere so passengers can play “where’s the hidden rainbow” whilst they wait for their train!

For info:

A3 card will be displayed PORTRAIT (long edge at the sides) with 4 images per frame

A2 card will be displayed LANDSCAPE (that’s short edges at the sides) with 2 images per frame

If you’d like to be part of the exhibition, you can order some card by emailing me at linleymatt@gmail.com or message me via the Off the Rails facebook page! Let me know how many pieces you want and what size, and I’ll happily cycle round and drop the card off. And when you’re done you can let me know and we’ll arrange collection, and I’ll get them displayed!

A homeschooling exercise perhaps – or a bank holiday project? Either way we’d love to get some up by the end of May

And if you have any questions, please do email me.Thanks all!

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