Face Books…the hardback version of social media at Wivenhoe Station’s Off the Rails

I’m in the process of taking over Off the Rails – the brilliant creative programme of art and poetry based in and around Wivenhoe Station, initially started by George and Charmaine McKissock, and more recently led by Deborah Talbot and Sue Dawes.

The current exhibition – Book Art and 3-D Collage by Alison Stockmarr has been co-ordinated by Miranda Campbell

I’ll be posting more details of the programme for 2019 anon, but for now heres more details on Alison’s  work –


Described as a latter-day borrower Stockmarr’s work has an ethos of storytelling and repurposing at its heart.

Using old books and original material she creates:

Face Books, a witty take on social media

Picture Books, beautifully illustrated book art alluding to the original title

Collaged Record Covers, a recent addition of collaged vinyls with her signature, playful, embellishments

This Face Book…A Stirring Book for Girls, included in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, is a pithy example of one of her many Face Books that poke fun at social media.

The historical patina of her pallet and execution is distilled into scenarios that, at first glance, allude to the past but, upon closer inspection, offer a playful nod to the present.

Apertures are cut into books with photographs and ephemera collaged within their pages.

These assemblages of everyday archaeologies afford the viewer glimpses of stories or notions, offering an alternative perspective on the contemporary form of communication, Facebook.

Over the last 5 years she has created a library of invented friends of yesteryear by matching old faces with suitably titled books. Profiles are composed to complement the visual narrative, exposing it as a vehicle for stalking, showing off, enlightening the world with what you had for supper, practicing a spot of schadenfreude, bullying and generally pretending your life is fabulous, when in reality it’s crap.

Stockmarr lives and works in Wivenhoe and her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and abroad. She undertakes commissions and has an extensive library of limited edition signed giclée prints available on her website, www.alisonstockmarr.com.


Face Book…A Stirring Book for Girls

Picture Book…The World of Adventure

Collaged Record Cover…The Clash London


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