Raddlesham Mumps Activities for Young People

The team behind the Raddlesham Mumps are currently making their new show. And we need your help! More precisely we need your young peoples help!

Here we all are in our online rehearsal room

We want you to think about Old Mother Redbeard. One of the main characters in the story…but because of this lock down we cant go and find her, we cant go and see where she lives. But we do know she lives deep in the heart of the forest. So we would love you to draw us a map which takes us to her home, deep in the forest somewhere that has never been discovered. And we’d like you in your map to show us the obstacles that Luna and Atom have to overcome in getting to Old Mother Redbeard. We’d love you to draw the map in any way you like – you can use pictures or words – and the last thing we want you to do is to tell us what the truth is that the children discover when they finally get to where Old Mother Redbeard lives.

Here we are again talking about some of the things we think we know about Old Mother Redbeard:-


Send your maps and drawings to funnilwicklimb@gmail.com – we cant wait to see them!

You can also find some more Raddlesham Mumps themed activities over on our web pages. There are digital versions on the MBD site here https://www.mbd.limited/education and downloadable worksheets on the Raddlesham Mumps site here http://raddleshammumps.co.uk/

And dont forget you can listen to the whole of the studio album of The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps on soundcloud here:-

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