Jason Singh wins a HMUK award to develop a new music theatre piece for children

I’m really pleased to announce that one of the artists I’ve been working with – Jason Singh – has today been awarded one of HMUK’s Fusion Awards.

The support of HMUK will enable Jason, I and his collaborators Arun Ghosh and Fabric Lenny to develop a new music theatre show for 5-8 year olds for 2019.  The award will allow the artists to develop the project across 2018, leading to three periods of touring in 2019

The show – as yet untitled -will be playfull and immersive, focusing on the natural world around us.  It will include a genre-busting mix of live beat boxing, images, surround sound, words, electronica, jazz, hip-hop and South Asian classical/folk music.  We know that the performance will exist in a magical, dreamlike world of sound, words and projections. It will be experimental and abstract.  Part music, part theatre, part spoken word…it’s a potent and innovative mix.

The project is commissioned by Big Imaginations, a venue consortium dedicated to showcasing and producing theatre especially for children and their families.

Jason Singh said  ‘I’ve not been as excited about a project for ages. It’s been brewing since Arun, Fabric and I teamed up for a one-off gig at Unity Theatre in Liverpool. That whetted my appetite to do more. Then Big Imaginations gave us R&D time/support, which REALLY opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of working with these guys.

I’ve never made work of this scale/ambition for children before so the support of HMUK is going to make a real difference – allowing us more time together to develop the piece, more time to experiment with each other and more time to make a great show with some fantastic support from organisations like Big Imaginations and Spark Festival. It’s all incredibly exciting.

Thanks to HMUK support the creative team will be back in the rehearsal room developing the show next week (w/c 18 June) at Z Arts in Manchester.  Further residencies will take place in August and November prior to the projects launch in May 2019.


For more information please don’t hesitate to be in touch via the usual places….
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