Into the Cuckoo’s Nest

Client: Lepus Productions

“Give me a girl that will wriggle and will twist; At the bottom of the belly lies the cuckoo’s nest”

An intimate show about intimate places in folk song

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Martin Green (of Lau and Flit) is a true maverick (as the Lau website has it a brilliant musician, thrilling performer, a free thinking visionary and all round good chap)

And Into the Cuckoo’s Nest demonstrates that brilliantly. Martin is working with world-class folk musicians (including Brighde Chaimbeul on pipes) and performance makers, in examining the euphemism, the cuckoo itself and the folklore around it.

We’re still exploring what the show is right now, but we know it will bring together tales from Ireland, Dartmoor and ancient Greece. Its about gender in folk song, about journeys into hypnotic rituals and indeed about the nature of human behaviour.

“I see it in your eyes and it fills me with surprise
That your inclination lies in my cuckoo’s nest.”

Development period: Development periods in June and August, followed by test performances at a festival tba in October 2018

Key dates: TBA

What we are looking for: Co-commissioning partners

Festival and similar large scale events interested in a unique intimate performance which combines camp fires and folk with intimate performance.

Further info:

Cuckoo Songs