Welcome to my web site, thank you for dropping by. I am a theatre maker, creative producer and freelance arts manager. I love working with artists and making new (often crazy) stuff happen, and especially stuff which has something to say to todays world. My work tends to blur traditional boundaries often blending music, theatre, spoken word and the digital arts. Sometimes I do that under my own steam, sometimes working with other production partners and venues.

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A rant at the National….


Dec 20

December 22, 2020

A rant at the National….

Which is weird. I love the National, and I'm never happier than when I'm dashing into shows, meeting colleagues in the arms of its foyers or spending ridiculous amounts at the bloody brilliant book shop. I've read ALL the diaries...

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And so The Chronicles of Atom and Luna begins…..


Nov 20

November 27, 2020

And so The Chronicles of Atom and Luna begins…..

So here's some good news for families and all lovers of words, maps and mythical tales. From Monday 30th November- Funnelwick Limb, BBC 6 Poet Music in Residence Murray Lachlan Young And Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll are releasing a series of...

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