The Stitch Brothers Patchwork Wonders

Client: Big Imaginations / the hub

Jason Singh, Arun Ghosh and Fabric Lenny come together to make a new work for 5-8 year olds and their families

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Writing copy for a show which doesn’t yet exist – and doesn’t even have a title – is always tough- but here’s what we know so far.

We know it will be a genre-busting mix of live beat boxing, images, surround sound, words, electronica, jazz, hip-hop and South Asian classical/folk music. We know that the performance will exist in a magical, dreamlike world of sound, words and projections. It will be experimental and abstract.It will be playfull and immersive, inspired by nature, and the world around us. Part music, part theatre, part spoken word…its a potent and innovative mix.

We also know that with Arun, Jason and Fabric Lenny all involved the performance is going to be very special indeed!

The project actually came out of some work we did at Unity in 2016. That Chrsitmas Unity produced Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf. To run alongside this family show we created an installation The Dark Dark Wood , with various artists invited to come and ‘play’ in The Wood. One of those artists was Jason Singh, who brought with him two fellow improvisers – the jazz clarinettist and theatre composer (increasingly for family work but also for venues like The Globe) Arun Ghosh and the brilliant digital animator Fabric Lenny. Together they created something special. Later that night over tapas we talked about creating something else together, something for a family audience, which we all felt passionate about. And that’s where the idea was born.

Development period: 3 periods of research and development in 2018 (June, August and November) followed by a tour in 2019

Key dates: Promotor sharing – November 15 in Manchester
Expected to premier in May 2019

What we are looking for: For booking enquiries please do be in touch

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This project is s supported by PRS for Music Foundation.
Jason Singh’s participation in this project is supported by Help Musicians Uk