When Did You Stop Dancing

Presented by What A Little Bird Told Me Theatre

The dancing plague; a true story bursting with heart & play

Rach wants to tell you a story.  A true story.

The story of The Dancing Plague of 1518 started by a lone woman boogying in the streets.

A story of 100s of women dancing in the streets.  And not stopping…

She wants to tell you in 2018 everybody is welcome on our streets, she spends most of her time feeling safe and that we don’t need a national campaign to tell a girl that she can.

But she said she’d tell you the truth.  She’ll do that instead.

A show about female uprising, what it means to take a stand; and to stand together.

Rachel McBride of What a Little Bird Told Me showed extracts from When Did You Stop Dancing at a Unity scratch night a couple of years, and Ive found myself talking about the show ever since! So it was only natural to continue working with Rachel once I stepped down from Unity!

Key Dates:

Fri 5th/6th October at 6pm –  Liverpool Unity Theatre

Thurs 11th October at 7.30pm – Manchester, The Edge

Sat 13th October at 7.30pm – Edge Hill University, The Arts Centre

Wed 17th Oct at 7.30pm – Barnard Castle, The Witham

Wed 24th Oct at 7.30pm – Wigan, The Mill at the Pier (ALRA)

Creative Team

Written & performed by Rachel McBride

Direction & dramaturgy by Chris Hill

Creative Mentoring by Rachel Mars

Object Manipulation by Samantha Edwards

Movement by Deb Pugh

The October tour of When Did You Stop Dancing has been kindly supported by The Unity (Liverpool), The Witham (Barnard Castle), The Dukes (Lancaster), Royal Exchange Theatre (Manchester) and has been made possible by a grant from Arts Council England.