Literacy and storytelling – teaching and online resources from Funnelwick Limb for KS2

Given the news we wanted to share a little more widely the FREE teaching and homeworking resources that we have available. The resources are based on both our own creative practice as well as our schools workshop programmes. They are based on the poetry of BBC6 Music Poet in Residence Murray Lachlan Young and his work with collaborators Nina Hajiyianni, Bek Palmer and MBD. The lesson plans have all been shaped by Primary Assistant Head Emily Smith.

All the schemes of work are designed to fire young people’s imaginations, instill a love of language, encourage creative storytelling and to engage young people in the creative process. All the lessons are designed in line with the 2014 National Curriculum for English.

All are available free of charge – but please do let us know if you use the schemes of work, and we’d love to see examples of the work that results. We are on socials at @funnelwicklimb or contact us direct at or

There are two schemes available – the first is connected to our current project The Chronicles of Atom and Luna and the second is connected to our first project The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps.

The Chronicles of Atom and Luna Scheme

What is it

A 6 lesson exploration of storytelling based around task based videos. The scheme consists of seven short videos (all BSL interpreted), a teachers handbook and worksheets associated with each task.

Here is an example of one of the task based videos

And here is an example of the work created as a result

The scheme follows the creative process we used in making the Second Chronicle (out soon!), and any participating school will be invited to join us in the online launch at the end of January

Where do I find it

Head to, scroll down to the bottom – and hit the button SCHOOLS ACCESS.

Enter the password TEACHER

(If you would like a hard copy of the scheme of work please contact with where you would like it sent and we will endeavour to get one out to you as soon as possible!)

The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps

Earlier in lockdown we worked to turn our face to face workshops based on Raddlesham Mumps into three downloadable lesson plans.  These are still available free of charge here .  The lessons encourage children to explore some freely available online material. These include

  • the album recording of THE MYSTERY OF THE RADDLESHAM MUMPS available here
  • the tablet prequel game for THE MYSTERY OF THE RADDLESHAM MUMPS available here (android only)

Our friends at MBD Ltd (who made the prequel mentioned above) turned these lessons into family friendly online activities which you can find here, an option which might be more user friendly for home learners.

And finally…..

The first in The Chronicles of Atom and Luna are Tales from the Forest – a series of six short (less than 10 minute) audio tales could well be useful at this time.

Episode 1 – THE GREAT OAK – In which we learn how The Great Oak came to be…

Episode 2 -FORTUNE AND THE TREE In which a young woman gets lost in the forest…

Episode 3 – THE GLASS BALL In which strange magic arrives in the forest…

Episode 4 THE FOOL In which we meet a mysterious character who just doesn’t know who he is…

Episode 5 THE LOVERS – In which we discover the right way to pick mushrooms and meet someone special.

Episode 6 The Children – In which we share with Atom and Luna a birthday in the woods.

If you do use any of these resources please do let us know how you get on – we are on socials at @funnelwicklimb or contact us direct at or

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