The Chronicles of Atom and Luna – a new project from Murray Lachlan Young

Client Collaborative project with Murray Lachlan Young. Being delivered by Funnelwick Limb Role – Creative Producer The Project We launched the project to the public on October 15th 2020 We’ll release the first iteration of the story as a series of story casts from 30 November 2020, more digital content will follow in Spring 2021 followed by the launch of the play and book in either Autumn 21 or Spring 22. To be the first to find out about the project sign up for the newsletter at Funnelwick Limb The Story Our heroes, Atom and Luna, (left home-alone by their mother) are saved from starvation by the arrival of the magical child-minder Iffly Sney.  But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him. They must seek out the mysterious Old Mother Red-Beard.  And so begins a journey deep into the heart of the forest that will change their  lives forever. The team Lead Artist – Murray Lachlan Young Director – Nina Hajiyianni Designer – Bek Palmer Digital enabler – Paul Long and MBD Ltd Music by Paul Hartnoll Development Performers – Joe Allen and Simone Lewis Co-producers – Action Transport Theatre and Eastern Angles BSL Interpretor – Kate Labno Digital Assets – Warehouse Digital